IEQ Sensor Suite

ATLASEN provides a real-time IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) monitoring and diagnostic system, through air, thermal, lighting, and acoustic sensing, as well as user satisfaction. IoT multi-sensor modules collect IEQ real-time data, which is then analyzed, and presented in a user-friendly score and graph format. This solution provides occupant comfort and about 5~15% energy reduction compared to conventional building management systems through customizable zone-by-zone assessments. Overall, this system continuously utilizes and builds big data to manage building operation, as well as optimize IEQ and energy consumption.

Measuring 15 elements with 1 unit

atlasen™ LEO

atlasen™ LEO is a device dedicated to collecting indoor environmental information data.


※This product has been certified first grade (highest level) in ‘Simplified Particulate Matters Meter’ by Ministry of Environment in Korea.


미세먼지 인증 로고 영문
  • Real-time IEQ Measurements & Analysis Sensor Suite for WELL v2 continuous monitoring and data report.

atlasen™ MEGA

atlasen MEGA_retouch
  • Size : 105*105*45 (mm)
  • Display: 3.2 inches
  • Average power consumption: less than 5W
  • Materials: ABS Class 3
  • Communication: Wi-Fi_802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • Data transmission: Every 15 minutes (Configurable)
  • Mobile Web Compatibility: Android V4.1 or higher, IOS 8 or higher