Architectural certification

WELL Building Certification

WELL Building Certification aims to create a human-thinking environment through seven concepts AIR, WATER, NOURISHMENT, LIGHT, FITNESS, COMFORTT, MIND. For a WELL certification, join atlasen™ from the planning stage. Based on our experience in overseas projects, atlasen™ provides professional and systematic service to obtain WELL certification from clients.

LEED Green Building Certification

LEED is an eco-friendly building certification system developed and implemented by the Green Building Commission of the United States, and it is the Green Building Rating System that is recognized worldwide. atlasen™ has LEED BD+C. For LEED certification, join atlasen™ from the design stage. atlasen™ provides professional and systematic service for the LEED certification for our clients.

Passive House Certification

Passive houses refer to buildings built using state-of-the-art construction techniques to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without the artificial energy supply of heating equipment. atlasen™ holds a CPHC (Certified Passive House Consultant) certificate issued by the Passive House Association of America. Join us for a professional and systematic consult on Passive House design and overall areas.


Reset certification is the world’s first sensor-based, resident activity-based indoor air quality management certification. Indoor air quality is continually affected by building facility systems or residents’ activities. The building industry is entering a new era of tracking these changes in real time. Designed to constantly monitor air quality changes via mobile devices or visual displays and then deliver accurate information to residents, Reset Certification is a human-centered authentication system that prioritizes residents’ environmental health.