Reset™ Air

Reset™ Air

What is RESET™  Air?

RESET™  is intended to provide environmental protection for people and residents starting with indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality changes constantly as the building is pressurized or deflated by mechanical systems such as ventilation, heating and cooling, or as the activities of residents affect CO2, CO, fine dustand, VOCS(chemicalgases). The building industry is entering anewer a in which buildings respond to these changes and activities are tracked in real time.

RESET™  Air is the world’s first sensor-based, activity-based indoor air construction standard and certification. This requires constant monitoring to deliver data to residents via mobile devices or other visual displays.

The quality and installation, measurement, and reporting methods of sensors are very important. RESET™ Air sets the criteria for evaluating performance, setting the installation density and location, measuring, reporting methods, and monitoring overall project performance.

How to certificate RESET™ Air

RESET™ Air records the indoor air quality status through continuous monitoring, while establishing communication and certification criteria to certify the door air quality (IAQ) project.
The monitoring targets are temperature, humidity, PM2.5, CO2, CO, and so on, each of which has its own reference values and should be monitored while the building user resides in the building.
If you are considering a RESETTM Air Certification from the start of the building design phase, we offer a variety of solutions for certification. This will reduce overall project and certification costs.

RESET™ Air Certified Project Types

RESET™ Air Certification can be applied to two types of projects:

Commercial interior


Building Core and Shell


RESET™ Air Standard

commercial interior

For commercial indoor space purposes, RESET™ Air is an ongoing monitoring and communication standard for indoor air quality, which defines monitor placement, installation, performance, management and reporting requirements.

By continuously monitoring air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Particulate Matters (PM2.5, PM10), Carbon Dioxide, and Carbon Monoxide, commercial interior spaces are certified as RESET™ Air when they meet their operational objectives.

Commercial interior design RESET™ air standards are applicable to both new and existing buildings.

RESET™ Air Standard

Building core and shell

RESET™ Air for Building Cores and Shells aims to continuously monitor the air quality delivered by the mechanical system (HVAC). Continuous monitoring ensures that the RESET™ Air certification is achieved when indoor air quality reaches a threshold. This applies to both new and key buildings.

Monitors outdoor air quality conditions that affect building indoor environmental conditions and air quality that is drawn into the building from the outside.

RESET™ Air Certified Monitor

RESET™ Air STANDARD for Accredited Monitors v2.0

The RESET™ Air Authentication Monitor is an air quality measurement monitor that transmits data to a data provider that is certified for RESET™  air certification. Only certified air quality monitors are available in RESET™  air projects.


  • The authorized monitor must measure temperature, humidity, PM2.5, CO2, and TVOC.
  • The collected data must be transferred to the RESET™ evaluation cloud.
  • The Class A monitor must output data at least once per minute and at least once per 5 minutes of Class B.
  • Class A monitors have a minimum operating range of 5 – 95% RH, and Class B monitors have a minimum operating range of 10 – 85% RH.
  • The RESET™ Air-certified monitor must be accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty that proves that the calibration has been completed and fault free before shipment.

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